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**Name** Miranda
**Birthday/Age** May 31, 1986 / 21
**Location** Lebanon, Missouri, USA
**Marital Status** Soon to be single
**Sexual Preference** Bisexual
**About Me**
I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl and a beautiful baby boy. I talk about my daughter, son and my cheating lieing husband a lot. I'm not only looking for mothers! I am actually wanting some non-mommy friends. I am EXTREMLY open minded and I expect you to be. There are points in my life that you have to be open minded! I guess you can say I'm kind of a wild one! My journal however is not for anyone under 18!!! I am an adult and I do talk about sexual things! I do not do drugs, so if you like talking about tripping and stuff like that, don't add me! I am engaged, but there is other things that make life incrediable! I don't cheat on my other half, but he tends to cheat on me a lot. I love almost anything besides stuff like Brittney Spears and other shit like that. I don't talk about celeberties a lot and don't want to talk about them. I stay away from the topic of politians and religion. If you can't remember what fact and opinion is, don't add me! I mean come on! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine may not be right, but it's my opinion NOT fact! I will stand my ground. Do not add me if you are a DRAMA QUEEN! If I wanted that I could go to work and get that! I love all different types of movies and music. I love cartoons and I hate reality shows, unless it's Solitary! There's just something about a show where you are in solitude confinment and only have a computer to talk to! HAHAHA! I am fat so get over it! I do not join rating communities, so you are wasting your time with me!

1~Add me first.
2~Comment Here.
3~In your comment state your name, age, and why you would like me to add you.

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