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stupidgirl86's Journal

31 May 1986
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Welcome to my home online. Friends only view. If you want to read it without joining livejournal, let me know.

**Name** Miranda
**Age** 25
**Birthday** May 31, 1986
**Location** Lebanon, Missouri, USA
**Marital Status** Spliting up

I am an easy going person.
I am a very optimistic person.
I am a mother.
I am a lover.
I am a very artsy crafty person.
I am just an all around great person.
I at least think I am.

My Other Half
**Name** Karl
**Age** 33
**Birthday** June 23, 1978
**Location** Lebanon, Missouri, USA
**Marital Status** Splitting up

Karl & I have been together since December 25, 2004.
When I was pregnant with our 2nd child he cheated on me. He isn't going to change so we are finally ending it.

**Name** Konstantina
**Age** 5 yeard old
**Birthday** February 10, 2006

Konstantina is getting ready to start Kindergarden this year. She is very excited and smart! She is my easy going child and into arts and crafts like her mommmy.

**Name** Robert John
**Age** 1 year
**Birthday** June 8, 2010

He is our newest addition to our family. He is my last one. My two kids are day n night from each other but I love them both the same!

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